Immo Herbst Baum GmbH


Tree care is the sum of all measures that are necessary to secure and preserve the tree sustainably in its substance, in its powerfulness, in its beauty, in its mysticism and also in its safety. [Horst Ehsen]

We have been working according to Horst Ehsen’s definition for many years. We examine, assess, evaluate and treat trees; we cut, but we also plant them.

Trees should be allowed to grow old, which is why we take care of and rejuvinate trees and tree veterans in order to ensure sustainable stocks in urban and municipal areas for the future.

All work around the tree depends on the individual needs of the customer, the type of tree and the legal requirements. With our knowledge and experience, we meet all of these requirements. Free advice is therefore just as much a part of our range of services as the preparation of a detailed offer.

With regular further training, we ensure that our arborists always work according to the latest guidelines. Highly motivated, they cover the entire area of arboriculture measures.


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Company services:


climbing trees using climbing rope technology


felling trees at risk of falling


removal of broken branches and fallen trees


tree inspection and assessment


milling out rhizomes


construction site clearing and clearing of larger trees


renaturation measures, tree planting and large tree transplantation


quick help after storm and weather events


maintenance of large stock of trees

A selection of our projects:

Construction site clearing

Milling out rhizomes

Tree felling

Benefit from our strengths:


Modern and extensive fleet

We can also handle more extensive projects for you, such as clearing construction sites.


Qualified Employees

Our employees are constantly trained and trained to move safely within the tree.


Performance-oriented prices

Thanks to our fair prices, we are also active far beyond the Rhein-Main area.